Isis Theatre

Isis Theatre is Awaiting Grant Assistance

The Isis Theatre has changed hands and is waiting in the dark for the assistance needed to reopen. The building was purchased by the City of Crete in February 2019. Thomas Reeves had owned the Isis for many years and worked tirelessly to see it succeed in Crete but ultimately, the needs of the business were too great and Thom closed the movie theater at the end of August 2018.

After much research, a group of concerned citizens determined that the movie theater could reopen and stay in Crete with a nonprofit operations model similar to what has been successful in many other Nebraska communities. That steering committee then organized a very successful 80’s Prom fund raiser in November 2018, cementing the belief that Crete wants to work to keep
the theater open. The citizen group also founded the Blue River Arts Council (BRAC) as a nonprofit corporation to pursue this vision.

The new Board started meeting in December and is thrilled to announce that BRAC recently obtained its 501(c)(3) status
from the IRS so that it can accept gifts and continue to raise money for the restoration and reopening of the Isis Theatre.

In its very first order of business, BRAC worked with the City of Crete to determine the best and quickest way to reopen the Isis Theatre. Without assistance from the City, it was feared that the Isis would sit empty for years while necessary funds were raised.

To avoid that result, the City of Crete purchased the Isis Theatre from Thom Reeves and Thom very graciously agreed to donate all of the equipment to the City for use by the new volunteers interested in getting movies playing again. The City and BRAC worked together to submit an application for grant funding that would allow for the immediate renovation of the building. Plans include a lobby redesign, handicapped accessible restrooms and a new marquee. The grant application was submitted in February and recipients are to be announced at the end of March. The Arts Council has committed to repaying the City of Crete for funds invested in the theater over time.


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