Birds of a Feather

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Birds-of-a-feather-logo-Stage1-sculptureTrue to the mission of the newly-formed Blue River Arts Council, the first complete year of programming will provide art, entertainment and inclusive cultural events for Crete throughout the year. Funds raised will help renovate and reopen the Isis Theatre and fund future arts and entertainment events.

For our Birds of a Feather event, 20 local artists will be chosen to decorate 36” cardinal sculptures. These decorated works will tour the community and be displayed at various locations in conjunction with city events and activities, culminating in a community celebration and the auction of the permanent artistic sculptures.

The cardinal was chosen as a symbol of vitality for our community and as the icon that truly brings us all together. The birds will be decorated in ways that celebrate the cultural and business diversity of Crete while confirming that birds of a feather flock together.

Who can sponsor? How can I help?

Organizations and individuals can sponsor a sculpture at one of the following levels:

  • $750 Underwriting Sponsorship
    This level buys naming rights to the icon which will be decorated at the discretion of the artist and auctioned off in September.
  • $2,500 “Buy It Now” Sponsorship
    This level provides the sponsor with naming rights, collaboration with the artist, and final ownership after the September event.

Sponsors will receive free advertising on our website, Facebook, and Instagram pages, as well as on printed materials and announcements at related events. A plaque will also be placed on your sculpture.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, contact:

Shaylene Smith
402-641-6599 /


Nathan Erickson
651-249-6980 /

Calling All Artists!

BRAC is seeking applications for artists wanting to be a part of this event. Each selected artist will get to decorate a cardinal in a theme of their choice, or in collaboration with a sponsoring business or service group wanting to keep the cardinal for decoration or advertising. We look forward to seeing the creative ways that our artists demonstrate the
diversity of culture and business in Crete.

To become an artist, contact:

Rhonda Lake
717-572-2743 /


Julie Fahrlander
402-826-7369 /


Find information about the planned events on our Facebook page or see our calendar.

To volunteer to help with events, contact:

Kayleigh Schadwinkel